Our Specialization

Lightning Fast

3 Star Ads adopts a high voltage high speed approach in everything that we do

Sacrosanct Processes

We know that processes were made for a reason. There is no way to circumvent that.

Love is all around

Every member of 3 Star Ads loves what they do. Naturally its evident in our results.

Time is Money!

We deliver on time – everytime. When our team commits to a timeframe, we never miss

About Agency

3 Star Ads was launched in 2000's with a mission to make having a business online presence a child’s play. Everyone wants millions of users on their website/game, they would want a great social presence they would like their ads to follow prospects everywhere and to leave their digital footprint,

Infact, who wouldn’t want all this?

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3 Star Ads works diligently to bring our advertisers the highest ROI on their marketing campaigns.

Pay For Performance

Meet your campaign objectives by reaching the right user with the most suitable payment model:


We pride ourselves on our superior customer service; advertisers are given an ad solution that is unique to their business.


Our tracking technology lets you know in real time how your campaign is doing and also uses state-of-the-art fraud protection, to help deliver qualified sales or leads.

24x7 Dedicated Team

Our knowledgeable team will work with you by 24x7 to identify your long-term goals, and will monitor progress daily in order to ensure that we're on track.


We can turn your Email, Website or blog into a cash generating machine

Best Payout Offers

A large variety of high-converting offers representing major and niche industries.

Highest CPA Rates

Monetize your every impression with high fill rates and competitive CPAs with customized to your needs solution.

On Time Payments

Receive your payments with our NET30 hold policy easy and always on time via great range of withdrawal options.

Account Managers

Every publisher is extremely unique and we know that the better we know you, the stronger ad revenue will be.